Physician Assistant

Englewood, CO

With more than 30 years of providing high-quality, compassionate urology care, Urology Associates, P.C. is actively seeking a Physicians Assistant to join our thriving practice located in metro Denver, Colorado.  


The goal of the Physician Assistant is to assist the Physician of the Urology Associates in the care of patients.


All Physician Assistants will:

  • have an active license from the Colorado Board of Medical Examiners
  • have graduated from an accredited physician assistant or surgical assistant program
  • be in good standing with Colorado Board Medical Examiners and in good moral standing with the medical community at large
  • be responsible for obtaining the required Continuing Medical Education in accordance to maintaining an active license


All Physician Assistants must:

  • Perform and document complete, detailed and accurate histories and physical exams, review patient records to develop comprehensive medical status reports, and order laboratory, radiologic and diagnostic studies
  • Under the supervision of the physician, make medical diagnosis and institute therapy or referrals of patients to the appropriate health care facilities, agencies, other resources of the community, or other physicians
  • Institute emergency measures and emergency treatment or appropriate stabilization measures in situations such as cardiac arrest, shock, hemorrhage, convulsions, poisoning
  • Arrange hospital admissions and discharges at the direction of a supervising physician, perform hospital rounds and record appropriate patient progress notes, accurately and appropriately transcribe and execute specific orders at the direction of a supervising physician, compile detailed narrative and case summaries, complete forms pertinent to patients’ medical records, complete medical records such as discharge summaries, issue diagnostic orders.
  • Provide instruction and guidance regarding medical matters to patients.

All of the above must comply with each hospital’s guidelines regarding the scope of practice of Physician Assistants.

PA responsibilities:

Basis PA functions are expected, but we are willing to train the appropriate candidate in urologic procedures

(A) Evaluation and management of urologic patients under the direct supervision of the physician

(B) laboratory medical techniques and following routine  therapeutic  procedures such as:

  • Urinary bladder catheterization and routine analysis
  • The collection of materials for bacteria and viral culture
  • Injection of subcutaneous, intramuscular, intravenous medications
  • Debridement of wounds
  • Removal of sutures
  • Administration of subcutaneous local anesthesia
  • Incision and drainage of superficial skin infections

(C)  Pre and post op care, inpatient hospital care.

(D)  Office Procedures such as:         

  • Catheterizations and catheter removals
  • Wound Care & debridement
  • Insert & Remove Drains
  • Procedures may be added or limited by Physicians
  • Preparing tissue for pathologic examination

Practice site

Will include all offices and hospitals where the Urology Associates practices urology.

Working Hours

The physician assistants workday will typically start at 8 AM and end at 5pm


The PA will take his/her calls on days that their physician is on call.  The PA is to contact the on call physician concerning patient problems and inform the on call physician of pertinent matters.

Competitive Salary 

JOB CODE: 1000101